Western Double Gun Championships

Rock Springs Ranch & Lodge, May 2/3, 2003
Proudly Presented by Ithaca Classic Doubles

The Ithaca Classic Cup,
for the Western Double Gun Champion


Eligibility: Any registered participant at the Gold Medal Concours.
Guns: Any double-barreled breechloading shotgun from .410 bore to 8 gauge.
Course of Fire: One round of 75 clay targets (total) presented from 12 stations.
Scoring: A competitor’s first round score will be his/her official recorded course score.
Squadding: Squadding will be based upon order of registration for the event.
Classes: Big-Bore (8, 10); 12-Bore; Field-Bore (16, 20, 24); Small-Bore (28, 32, .410)

1. Ear and eye protection must be worn.
2. Smoking and eating at the shooting sites is prohibited.
3. Guns must be transported unloaded, in a case or with the action open
4. Competitors must thoroughly check their firearms and ammunition prior to the match. Special attention should be given to the proper chambering of ammunition.
5. Shot must be No. 7 US or No. 6 UK or smaller. “Spreader” loads are permissible. Factory ammunition must be used, except in 8- or 10-bore guns.
6. There will be no practice rounds.
7. Drilling and cape gun competitors will shoot the shotgun requirement first.
8. Guns must be in the low (unmounted) position prior to calling for the target.
9. Adjustable-choke devices may be used but may not be changed during the round.
10. Competitor must use the same gun throughout the round except as indicated below.
11. In the event of a gun malfunction, a competitor will have one minute to perform repairs. After one minute, if the gun is ruled non-operational by a referee, the competitor may substitute a gun of the same gauge and type (SxS, O/U, hammer) so long as it can be brought to the shooting line and put into service within one minute after the first gun was ruled non-operational.
12. A target lost to shooter error, gun or ammunition malfunction is lost.
13. Referees to witness and rule on target “dead” or “lost.”
14. Referees’ decisions are final.
15. Violation of safe firearms-handling practices may result in disqualification.

Awards: The Ithaca Classic Cup-high overall; the Western Double Gun Champion
Side by Side, Over/Under Champion (whichever does not win the Ithaca Cup)
Hammer gun Champion
Ladies Champion
Youth Champion (16 and under)
Big-Bore Champion
12-Bore Champion
Field-Bore Champion
Shooting Sportsman Magazine Small-Bore Champion
The High Overall Side by Side winner is encouraged to represent the West at The Vintage Cup World Side by Side Championships, September 18-21, in Millbrook, New York.

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