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2012 Readers & Writers Adventures

In 17 years of selecting hunting lodges and hosting our Readers & Writers Adventures, we’ve created lasting memories from some of the best wingshooting destinations in the world. Our dedicated group of multi-repeat attendees offers a word-of-mouth recommendation that, like the shooting and camaraderie, can’t be beat. This year we’re returning to one of our most popular destinations, and we’re adding a couple of new opportunities.

This will be our fifth year hunting wild prairie birds across the expanse of more than 100,000 acres of South Dakota at the Lindskov family’s Firesteel Creek Lodge. We keep going back because we have found no better combination of wild-bird habitat and casually sophisticated accommodations—and the Lindskovs themselves are wonderful hosts. The combination of sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge and wild and preserve pheasants has proven hugely popular with readers and writers alike.

Perhaps the most exciting news for this year’s Readers & Writers Adventures is that we’ll be shooting overseas for the first time in several years. In exotic South Africa, with Senior Editor Vic Venters and double-gun author Diggory Haddoke serving as hosts.

In collaboration with UK-based Athina Hunting Tours, we’ll gather in Johannesburg for a two-hour shuttle to our accommodations and a week of multi-species wingshooting guided by a Professional Hunter with 25 years’ experience. Gamebirds will include as many as 14 species, including guinea fowl, francolin, spur fowl, quail, spur-winged and Egyptian geese, shelducks, Cape teal, doves and pigeons. This trip will feature outstanding diversity and flexibility, as hunters will enjoy driven shooting, walked-up shooting behind pointing dogs and pass-shooting. Guests can even mix in a day or two of antelope hunting for no extra charge besides the trophy fee.

Accommodations will be in comfortable chalets with double occupancy. Hunters will be fully catered to, with all food and drink, hunting licenses, cartridges, gun permitting, airport pickup and ground transportation included. The cost is $5,950 and does not include travel to South Africa, tips, taxes, trophy fees and taxidermy. Our group will meet in Johannesburg on Saturday, August 11, and depart the following Sunday, August 19. Join us on this rare opportunity.

In early December we’ll enjoy the perfect venue for a Deep South quail hunt at Dream Ranch, in northern Alabama, where there is the option of adding a couple of mornings of duck hunting. The ranch’s 2,000 acres feature a wide variety of quail habitat and food plots, as well as dogs and guides worthy of an Orvis Wingshooting Lodge endorsement. The 14,000-square-foot log-and-stone lodge offers excellent food and some of the best views in the southern Appalachians. (For a full description, see “Sweet Dreams,” March/April.)

Our host on this trip will be Thierry Bombeke, the director of Shooting Sportsman’s Readers & Writers program. The cost is $3,125 for four nights and three days of quail hunting, or $3,395 for the quail-and-duck hunt combo. The price includes everything except taxes, tips and the cost of shipping birds home.

For more information on joining our 2012 Readers & Writers Adventures, contact Associate Publisher “Terry” Bombeke, 207-594-9544; [email protected].

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