Western Double Rifle Championships

Rock Springs Ranch & Lodge, April 20, 2002
Proudly Presented by Krieghoff International


Eligibility: Any registered participant at the Gold Medal Concours.
Rifles: Any breechloading rifle of these types: side-by-side; over/under; Drilling; cape gun;
single-shot (falling-block [Henry, Gibbs, Fraser, etc.], pivot-block [Martini]
and break-open design). See also Classes, below.
Sights: Open sights only; telescopic sights may not be used
Course of Fire: please inquire
Classes: Stomping (Blackpowder: 8 bore [.840] and above, using an 8-dram/1250-grain-bullet load, at minimum. Smokeless: .577 3-inch, .600 and .700 caliber, using a 750-grain bullet/2,000 fps load, at minimum)

Stopping (Blackpowder: 12 bore [.720] and 10 bore, with a minimum bullet weight of 700 grains. Smokeless: Full-power loads for .450 3-inch, .450 No. 2, .458 Winchester, .465, .470, .475, .475 No. 2, .476, .500 3-inch, .500/416, etc.)

Stalking (Under 5,000 foot-pounds of energy and at least .26 caliber. All Blackpowder Express [BPE] cartridges fall in this category.)

1. Ear and eye protection must be worn.
2. Smoking and eating at the shooting sites is prohibited.
3. Rifles must be transported unloaded, in a case or with the action open
4. Competitors must thoroughly check their firearms and ammunition prior to the match. Special attention should be given to the proper chambering of ammunition.
5. Competitors who wish to fire sighting-in rounds prior to shooting for record may do so at a location about 200 yards from the match site.
6. Drilling and cape gun competitors will shoot the shotgun requirement first.
7. Matches will be timed with a Competition Electronics, Inc. Pocket Pro Timer.
8. If there is a substantive question about the power of a competitor’s loads (with respect to Classes), an Oehler 35P chronograph will be available for testing on-site.
9. Questions concerning assignment of a rifle/cartridge combination to a particular class will be resolved by the NRA staff members administering the match. Shooting the British Double Rifle, by Graeme Wright, and The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. III, by George Hoyem will be used to assist in decision-making.

10. Competitor must use the same rifle throughout the round except as indicated below.
11. In the event of a rifle malfunction, a competitor will have one minute to perform repairs.
After one minute, if the rifle is ruled non-operational by a referee, the competitor may substitute a rifle of the same caliber and type so long as it can be brought to the shooting line and put into service within one minute after the first rifle was ruled non-operational.
12. Referees’ decisions are final.
13. Violation of safe firearms-handling practices may result in disqualification.

Awards: The Krieghoff Cup-high overall; the Western Double Rifle Champion
Stomping, Stopping, Stalking Champions(whichever do not win the Kreighoff Cup)
Single-Shot, Drilling, Cape Gun Champions

Western Championships Registration

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