Birds & Boars at The Gold Medal Concours
Rock Springs Ranch & Lodge, California April 29 – May 4, 2003

Gold Medal Concours Birds & Boar Rock Springs Ranch

A five-day double gun & rifle event at Rock Springs Ranch & Lodge, featuring Ithaca Classic Doubles, Krieghoff International and the NRA in an unusual mix of shooting and stalking as well as technical presentations. The event culminates in the 5th Gold Medal Concours d’Elegance of Fine Guns and the Western Double Gun & Rifle Championships, which are held on the ranch. Each guest is entitled to display guns for judging in the Concours (if they wish), and to shoot a shotgun and a rifle in the competition, in the classes of their choice (if they wish).
     Guests are urged to bring shotguns, rifles and Drillings to use, as well as to display at the Concours. Participants will be able to shoot clays, chukar partridge and bobwhite quail and driven-style pheasants (in the ranch’s acclaimed Continental Shoot), and stalk wild boars. Just as double rifles and Drillings have become the new must-have among vintage-gun aficionados, the wild pig is becoming a premier game animal for double-rifle shooters. At short range and over iron sights, a sometimes aggressive 200-plus-pound boar, blessed with keen hearing and scenting ability, is very respectable game, while the semi-open hillsides and brushy draws of the ranch resemble parts of East Africa.

     Steve Lamboy and Andy Duffy, from Ithaca Classic Doubles, and Krieghoff International’s Lee Lebas will have on hand sample guns and rifles for guests to shoot and will speak about the history, design and manufacture of their guns.
Whether you wish to shoot and hunt, to learn about and discuss fine guns and rifles, or to have a ringside seat (and a place to stay) at the Gold Medal Concours and the Western Championships, this is a unique opportunity.
     Non-hunters are welcome too. Rock Springs Ranch & Lodge ( is a supremely comfortable and scenic 19,000-acre hideaway in California’s central coastal range. (The ranch chef, Afif Espindola, was profiled in the September/October 2001 issue of Shooting Sportsman.) Non-shooting activities include hiking and wildlife viewing, soaking in the outdoor spa or simply relaxing on the lodge’s spacious porches or in the library, living room or guest rooms (all have full baths; many have fireplaces). The seaside destination communities of Monterey, Carmel and Pebble Beach (wineries, golf, shopping) are less than 90 minutes’ drive away. Late April/early May is the peak of springtime here, when the grass is green, the wildflowers are blooming and the temperatures are just about perfect.

Daily Itinerary

     Tuesday, 29 April
Arrive at Rock Springs Ranch in the afternoon; the 5-stand clays course will be open for anyone who wishes to partake. At the cocktail hour, we’ll ask guests to display the guns & rifles they’ve brought–a new twist to our get-acquainted dinners that always spurs interesting conversations.

     Wednesday, 30 April
The morning will begin early with an optional dawn boar stalk, for those comfortable with their rifles. For others, a little more sleep and then familiarization and target-shooting with guns and rifles. This afternoon we’ll be able to hunt bobwhites & chukar and/or go boar-stalking into the evening.
     The after-dinner presentation will be on double-rifle shooting, ballistics and building, by gunsmith Lee Lebas, representing Krieghoff International.

     Thursday, 1 May
Rock Springs Ranch’s renowned Continental pheasant shoot (featuring some very high birds) will take up the morning. The Guns may then walk-up the surviving birds, with ranch guides and dogs.

     In the afternoon, Steve Lamboy & Andy Duffy will present and demonstrate Ithaca Classic Doubles’ new shotguns and rifles. Over cocktails: the Sidelock Seminar–disassembly & care of sidelock actions, by Lee Lebas. After dinner: a presentation by the NRA about its participation in the fine-gun world.

     Friday, 2 May
The final (optional) dawn boar stalk, which will end by 10 AM to allow all to prepare for the Western Double Gun & Rifle Championships, which begin this afternoon. Competition is optional, of course, and the events are nearly as entertaining to watch as they are to shoot. This evening will be the Gold Medal Concours social hour.

     Saturday, 3 May
5th Gold Medal Concours d’Elegance of Fine Guns and Western Double Gun & Rifle Championships

     Sunday, 4 May
Morning departures. Extra option: Side-by-side wingshooting school with national clays champion & Vintage Cup winner (with an Ithaca Classic) Andy Duffy. Please inquire.

Birds & Boars at the Gold Medal Concours Fact Sheet

  • The host will be Silvio Calabi, co-founder of the Gold Medal Concours.
  • Hunting Package price, exclusive of travel, license & gratuity, is $3,190 per person, double occupancy. Included: meals, lodging, guides, shotgun ammunition for hunting, bird processing and boar dressing (ready for the butcher), entry to the Concours and display space for up to three guns, and one round each of the Western Double Gun & Rifle Championships (in the classes of your choice). A nonresident California license, pig tag and gamebird stamp costs $128.35.
  • The Non-Hunting Package price is $1,750 per person, double occupancy. Included: meals, lodging, entry to the Gold Medal Concours and display space for up to three guns, and one round each of the Western Double Gun & Rifle Championships (in the classes of your choice).
  • You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Rock Springs Ranch. The nearest major airport is San Jose, where rental cars are available for the 90-minute drive to the ranch. Personal airport transfers can be arranged at extra cost. The ranch has a helicopter-landing area; the nearest FBO is in King City, about 24 miles away.
  • Please send a 50% deposit with your name, address, phone & fax or e-mail address to Shooting Sportsman, PO Box 1357, Camden, ME 04843. If you are applying with a partner, please include his or her name and also whether s/he plans to hunt. The balance is due on March 14, 2003; deposits are non-refundable after March 1.
  • Shooting Sportsman has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that proper arrangements have been made. However, we cannot accept any liability for the actions or omissions of any suppliers, over whom we have no direct control.
         Please understand also that we have no control over weather, government actions, mechanical breakdowns and the like, and we are not responsible for your actions, either. Of course, we are responsible for any negligent actions on our part.

         Shooting Sportsman must reserve the right to select trip participants, to make any needed changes in the itinerary, and to cancel the trip should that in our judgment become necessary. Shooting Sportsman and the Gold Medal Concours and Western Double Gun & Rifle Championships are separate entities.
  • Contact: Silvio Calabi [email protected]
    Tel: 800-766-1670; 207-594-9544

                     Denise Moore [email protected]
    Tel: 800-766-1670; 207-594-9544

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