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Rock Springs RanchSilvio and Nola at Rock Springs

-the First-
Gold Medal Concours d’Elegance of Fine Guns
At Rock Springs Ranch& Lodge, January 21, 2001

Heartfelt thanks go to Rock Springs Ranch & Lodge for an enormous effort and commitment of resources. Without the help and support of ranch managers Ken and Nola Range and their excellent staff, and of proprietors Carol and Lyman Casey, the Gold Medal Concours would not have enjoyed such a strong start.

Thanks also for their support and participation go to Shooting Sportsman Magazine,
Grouse Point Almanac
, J. Rigby & Co. and
the Vintagers.

The Gold Medal Concours also would like to thank the judges for their hours of deliberation and discussion, and their discerning selections. They were:

Don Allen — Founder and president of Dakota Arms; lifelong shooter and hunter, designer & builder of fine magazine and break-action rifles and shotguns.

David Baker — One of England’s most authoritative writers on the subject of his country’s firearms; widely published in the UK and the US.

Stephen Helsley — NRA, ret.; former law-enforcement officer, tactical shooter, shooting writer and collector of British single-shot rifles.

Roger Lake — Fine-gun specialist at Butterfields, the San Francisco-based auction house; gun writer and widely traveled shooter and hunter.

Michael McIntosh — America’s foremost book author and magazine columnist on the subject of fine shotguns and shooting and hunting with them.

Geoffrey Miller — Managing Director of John Rigby & Company; founder of Rogue River Rifles.

Ray Poudrier — Co-founder of the Order of Edwardian Gunners (the Vintagers) and producer of The Vintage Cup and World Side by Side Championships & Exhibition.

Rick Pratt — Writer and authority on, and researcher, shooter and connoisseur of, fine guns.

Douglas Tate — Expatriate British fine-gun researcher, writer and dealer, and widely traveled bird shooter.

Awards — Shotguns
Classic American Sidelock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   L.C. Smith upgrade #99321 – Bob Wilson

Classic American Boxlock 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Lefever Optimus #46045 – Pat Kotrlik

Silver    Parker A-1 Special #198229 – Paul Dorsa

Bronze    Parker AAH #128532 – Paul Dorsa

Classic American Boxlock Smallbore

Gold Medal   Parker A-1 Special .410/28 #180178 – Paul Dorsa

Silver   Ithaca 7E # – Ron Gabriel

Bronze   Ithaca NID .410 upgrade #446759 – David Slade

Vintage American Hammer 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Parker 12-ga. #86659 (with 27″ 28ga. barrel set) – Paul Dorsa

Classic British Sidelock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Hunt-engraved Purdey #27362 – name withheld at owner’s request

Silver    Lang keylock two-barrel set #15667 – Paul Dorsa

Bronze    Boss #5554; Grifnée engraved – J.C. Wyatt

Classic British Sidelock SxS 12-Bore Set

Gold Medal   Hunt-engraved, 4-barrel Purdey pair – name and serial number withheld at owner’s request

Classic British
Boxlock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Westley Richards droplock #16715 – Richard Edlund

Silver    Wm. Cashmore ‘Nitro’ Gun #9575 – Richard Edlund

Classic British Boxlock SxS Smallbore

Bronze    W.W. Greener DH40 16ga. #68687 – Rick Johns

Vintage British Sidelock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Frederick Beesley #1443 – Mal Weaver

Classic British Triggerplate SxS Smallbore

Gold Medal   McKay Brown 28-bore #7506 – Ian Wilson

Vintage British Triggerplate SxS Smallbore

Gold Medal   James Dickson & Son 20-bore #3998 – Richard Edlund

Classic British Sidelock O/U 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Frederick Beesley Shotover #2608 – Richard Edlund

Vintage British Hammer 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Thomas Horsely bar-in-wood #1790 – Don Butts

Silver    Wm. Powell #6454 – Bob Christensen

Bronze    Army & Navy #8282 – Bill Scott

Vintage British Hammer Smallbore

Gold Medal   Wm. Cashmore 20-bore #19183 – Bill Capilos

Silver    W.W. Greener .410 # – Ron Gabriel

Bronze    Stephen Grant .410 conversion w/offset stock # – Ron Gabriel

Vintage British Big-Bore Hammer Gun

Gold Medal   Woodward 8-bore #3407 – Tom Jermin

Silver    Rigby 8-bore #15876 – Craig Vallely

Bronze    J. & W. Tolley 8-bore #5650 – John Shanafelt

Vintage British Muzzle-Loading Big-bore Shotgun

Gold Medal   Holland & Holland 4-bore – name and serial number withheld at owner’s request

Vintage British

Gold Medal   A. Woodhill 12-bore #2144 – John Svensson

Classic European Sidelock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Armi Fabbri “Diana” #E514 – Paul Dorsa

Silver    LeBeau Courally #36944 – Robert Galvan

Bronze   Gillet #7214 – Robert Galvan

Vintage European Sidelock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Sauer damascus #16149 – Vern Brinkerhoff

Classic European Boxlock SxS 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Charles Daly Regent Diamond-grade by Linder #1997 – Paul Dorsa

Silver    Charles Daly Diamond-grade by Linder #1384 – Craig Vallely

Classic European Sidelock O/U

Gold Medal   Abbiatico & Salvinelli 28ga. #354 – Mal Weaver

New European Boxlock 12-Bore

Gold Medal   Merkel #470305 – Richard Zobelein

Vintage European Hammer

Gold Medal   Springer # 16-Borename and serial number withheld at owner’s request

Silver    Ansorg 16-Bore (no serial number) – Ben Nywsander

Vintage European Muzzle-Loading

Gold Medal   Austrian pill-lock 20-bore (no serial number) – Ben Nywsander

European Non-Traditional Action

Gold Medal   Belgian sliding-barrel Gun #680 – Don Butts

Silver    Darne Modèle C 16-bore #15621 – Don Butts

Bronze    Manufrance Idéal 12-bore #90074 – Don Butts

Awards — Rifles
American Single-Shot Rifle

Gold Medal   Sharps .45-70 #B74-100 – Alan Webber

Vintage British Sidelock SxS
Stopping Rifle

Gold Medal   Barre-engraved hammer Purdey .450-31/4 BPE – name & serial number witheld at owner’s request

Silver    Alfred Lancaster .500 BPE #4339 – Kim Pisor

Classic British Boxlock SxS Stalking Rifle

Gold Medal   Daniel Fraser & Co. .303 British rifle #3125 – Richard Edlund

Classic British Sidelock SxS Stalking Rifle

Gold Medal   Woodward .303 #5206 – Reid Woodward

Silver    John Rigby & Son .400/.350 NE rifle #17173 – Richard Edlund

Bronze    Holland & Holland 9.3x74R (w/extra .410 barrels) #17401 – Terry Wallace

Vintage Single-Barrel Ball & Shot

Gold Medal   Holland & Holland Paradox 10-bore # – name and serial number withheld at owner’s request

Vintage British SxS Ball & Shot

Gold Medal   Holland & Holland hammer Paradox 10-bore #15222 – Richard Edlund

Vintage British Muzzle-Loading Big-bore Rifle

Gold Medal   G.H. Daw single-barrel percussion 4-bore (no number) – Richard Edlund

Vintage European Sidelock SxS Stalking Rifle

Gold Medal   Imman-Meffert #21231 10.25mmx16ga.(with extra16ga.damascus barrel set) – Mal Weaver

Special Awards
Best of Show

Barre-engraved hammer Purdey.450-31/4 BPE double- name and serial number withheld at owner’s request

People’s Choice

(Boothroyd Award)
Sauer 12-bore damascus SL #16149Vern Brinkerhoff

Heritage Awards

Gold Medal   Lefever 12-Gauge EE #36900E – Richard Zobelein

Silver    L.C. Smith Grade 2 12-Gauge #16127 – Scott Hutchinson

Bronze    Parker Trojan 20-Gauge #237947 – Joe Furia

Custom Gun

Gold Medal   R.G. Owens SLE 20-bore (no serial number) – Ben Nywsander

J. Rigby Co. Award

for the best Rigby gun or rifle
John Rigby & son .400/.350 NE SL double rifle #17173 – Richard Edlund

The Vintager Award for “the vintage side-by-side gun that best exemplifies the standards and traditions of The Order of Edwardian Gunners.”
Wm. Powell bar-in-wood hammer 12ga. #6454 – Bob Christensen

The Shooting Sportsman
for “a contemporary custom-fitted game gun less than $15,000 in value
that best typifies the ideal for upland hunting”
A.H. Fox AE upgrade 16-Gauge #300450 – Michael Spies

The Grouse Point Almanac Award for “the ideal light-gauge upland gun”
Bertuzzi 28-bore round-body SxS SLE #5895 – Chuck Pierpoint

Ladies Award

Andrews 12-bore (cased) BLE #5609 Jean Kesselring

Special Mentions
Cased Set of 6 Holland & Holland Royal guns & rifles – Richard Edlund

pair of 12-bore guns #23867-8
.577 NE rifle #19284
.375 NE rifle #19309
.360 NE rifle #19354
.303 British rifle #19375
Wm. Cashmore trap set #20115 – Robert Galvan

Double-barrelled Daisy BB gun – Kim Pisor

British single-shot rifle display – Stephen Helsley

Lancaster pinfire conversion #3766 – John Svennson

Charles Daly (Linder) lever-cocking 10-bore gun #1816 – John Shanafelt

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