The Featured Collection

Proudly presented by the NRA

The Featured Collection
Post-Civil War Bespoke American Gunmakers
presented by
James W. ‘Bill’ McPhail, MD
Greensville, South Carolina

GMC X’s featured collector, Bill McPhail, will present breech-loading hammer guns by little-known but high-grade American gunmakers of the period 1865-1895.

The work of these craftsmen—many were immigrants from England and the Continent—contributed to the development of the American shotgun and influenced more recognized American makers such as Parker, Fox, Smith, Lefever and Ithaca.

On display will be seminal guns by:

Ethan Allen Worcester, Massachusetts
Wesson Springfield, Massachusetts
Mortimer & Kirkwood Boston
David Kirkwood Boston
Joseph Tonks Boston
William Schafer Boston
George Fox (American Arms) Boston
Charles Sneider Baltimore
John Krider Philadelphia
Patrick Mullen New York City
A.G. Genez New York City
Charles Greene Rochester
T.R. Hasdell Chicago
E. Thomas, Jr. Chicago

To help further the knowledge of American history, the Concours is very pleased to be able to present highlights from the most significant collection of such gunmakers in existence today.

We are most grateful to Bill McPhail—physician, firearms collector and self-described tree farmer—for his participation.

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