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To enter any of the shooting competitions on April 20, 2002,
at Rock Springs Ranch &  Lodge, please download this page to your printer,
indicate your choices and then remit this page with your
Concours Registration Form to the fax/address shown there. If you have already
registered for the Concours, please indicate below.

Western Double
Gun Championships

Guns:   Any
double-barreled breechloading shotgun from .410 bore to 8 gauge Shotgun Rules

Course of Fire:   One round of 75 clay targets presented from 12
Scoring:   A competitor’s first round score in a
particular class will be his/her official recorded course score. There will be
no practice rounds.

Classes   (please check all you wish to
compete in):

____ Big-Bore (8, 10) _____Field-Bore (16, 20, 24)
____12-Bore _____Small-Bore (28, 32, .410)
Western Double
Rifle Championships

Rifles:   Any
breechloading rifle of these types: side-by-side; over/under; Drilling; cape
gun; single-shot
Gibbs, Fraser, etc.], pivot-block [Martini] and break-open design). Open sights

At least 10 shots on five stages, paper and metallic targets at various
ranges; timed. Rifle Rules

Classes  (please check all you wish to compete
in; for Class information, go to classes:

_____Stopping _____Drilling
_____Stalking _____Cape gun
Please fax or mail this
with your Concours Registration Form
[ ] I have already registered for the

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