Special Awards at GMC X

These sponsored awards are in conjunction with the class and category awards. The winners of the first four will be announced at the Vintage Cup bvanquet on Saturday evening. The rest will be named at the Concours NRA Foundation breakfast on Sunday morning. All winners will be posted on this site a few days after the 10th Concours concludes.

The Norman Blank Best in Show Award*—named in honor of the late gun collector and friend of the Concours Norman R. Blank, of Pasadena, California, and awarded by consensus of the judges

The Boothroyd People’s Choice Award*—named in honor of the late English fine-gun historian and writer Geoffrey Boothroyd and determined by popular ballot.

The NRA Cup*—awarded to the gun or rifle of greatest historical significance to the development of sporting firearms.

The Franz Jaeger Award—NEW: for excellence in firearms design and engineering; an award for gunmaking technology unrecognized in its day, too far ahead of its time, overcome by new technology or simply forgotten.
Franz Jaeger was a German gunmaker who earned a number of patents for sporting arms, two of which are still in use today. The award is sponsered by the German Gun Collectors Association and was suggested by Dietrich Apel, Franz Jaeger’s grandson; it is underwritten by Apel and John Neumann, President of the GGCA. The award is open to guns from any country.

The Shooting Sportsman Magazine Award—for a contemporary custom-fitted game gun of less than $17,000 value that best typifies the ideal for bird hunting.

The Vintager Award—for the vintage side-by-side that best exemplifies the standards and traditions of The Order of Edwardian Gunners.

The William Larkin Moore Award—for Most Outstanding Italian Gun.

The Upland Almanac Award—for the ideal light-gauge upland gun.

The German Gun Collectors Association Award—for the best German gun or rifle.

The Gunnerman Books Award—for the finest side-lever break-action gun at the Gold Medal Concours; chosen by Gunnerman Books.

The Double Gun Journal Award—for the best double rifle.

The L. C. Smith Collectors Association Award
—for the finest L. C. Smith at GMC X; chosen by the Concours judges.

The Swiss Gun Collectors Association Award—NEW: for the firearm that best exemplifies the style and spirit of gunmaking in the Alpine Region of Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France).

* The winner of this award will be invited to be displayed at The National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

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