The “surprise guest” mentioned in the invitation to the Concours/NRA Foundation breakfast was none other than NRA President Kayne Robinson, on his first visit to the Gold Medal Concours and The Vintage Cup.Kane Robinson Robinson spoke briefly to the group of Concours entrants, judges, sponsors and NRA staff gathered at the Star Grill, in Millbrook, New York, on Saturday morning. His subject was “friction”-the countless small restrictions and other irritations that anti-gunners have been able to impose on law-abiding shooters, hunters and collectors. None amounts to a ban on gun use, but with each new constraint “another shooter decides it’s just too much trouble,” and together they stack the deck against the responsible enjoyment of firearms.
      NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) fights this sort of harassment, but it-and other NRA activities-needs support. The James D. Julia auction company pledged a $50,000 donation to NRA from the proceeds of its important October 4/5 firearms sale. (Go online to; several fine guns from the auction were on display at the breakfast.) The Order of Edwardian Gunners-aka the Vintagers, producers of The Vintage Cup-has promised $10,000 over the next four years. And the proceeds of the Gold Medal Concours’ annual double-rifle sweepstakes are donated directly to ILA. Several individual Concours entrants have personally pledged funds in support of NRA as well.
      Friends of the Concours who would like more information on charitable giving to the NRA are urged to contact Steve Anderson, executive director of the Foundation, at 703-267-1127 or [email protected]. Even small amounts can make big differences.

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